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Insulation Flooring- When it comes to applying thermal insulation techniques, floors are usually overlooked, since the insulation of façades and roofs of buildings seems more important. However, a large part of the energy losses in buildings. The thermal insulation of floors is conducted by projecting or installing a thermal insulating material on the floors in contact with non-habitable spaces, supported on the ground or in contact with the outside air.


Insulation Coating up to 33kb-INSULECT is a single-component electrical insulation coating intended to provide high electrical resistance for various electrical applications. A tough film is formed above the surface when properly applied and dried.Shock proof coating offers excellent U.V radiation resistance coupled with tracking resistance which makes use of it useful for outdoor exposure and under severe weather.




Electrical Equipment Cleaning- Keeping electrical equipment clean is an important part of any electrical preventive maintenance program.



Online Transformer oil leak arresting- Transformer leaks are most commonly caused by degrading cork gaskets or holes in the radiator fins or the steel tank. Often these leaks are slow drips, but occasionally a catastrophic leak will occur, spilling hundreds of gallons of mineral oil into the environment and causing the transformer to short-circuit, causing further health and safety concerns.