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Construction Chemical - Construction chemicals are chemical formulations used with cement, concrete or other construction materials at the time of construction to hold the construction material together. ... The global construction chemical market can be categorized as: Concrete admixtures. Asphalt modifiers. Adhesives and sealants.

Waterproofing Chemical & Admixture- Water is essential to concrete production, placement, and curing. But once it fulfills its role in those processes, water is no longer concrete’s friend. Depending on its function and the nature of its exposure, concrete can of course perform well in wet environments. As a naturally porous material, though, and one that is prone to cracking, concrete is vulnerable to water infiltration.




Tile Adhesive - Our tile adhesive formulations come with a variety of applications including adhesives for ceramic tiles, floor tile adhesives and tile on tile adhesives which help fix all kinds of tiles and walls, for home projects – be it interior or exteriors. To find the product that would best suit your requirement



Epoxy & PU Grouting - Epoxy based injection grouts possess many desirable performance characteristics such as low viscosity, non-shrink nature, and flow ability and bond very well with almost all building materials and hence are very effective in sealing cracks. The known adhesive strength of epoxies is due to the strong polar bonds it forms with the substrates when it comes in contact with. However, the negative feature of epoxy grout is its lack of flexibility, and thus is prone to failure if movement occurs due to expansion and contraction of the substrates.



Repair & Strengthening - The need for repair and strengthening may arise from deterioration, changes in use, changes in the relevant design codes, structural defects or seismic conditions. We use technologies to develop strategies to restore or add load-carrying capacity to bridges, buildings, and other structures.



Anti Carbonation Coating - Anti-carbonation coatings are surface treatments that have a high resistance to carbon dioxide. They protect concrete from carbonation by acting as a carbon dioxide barrier. But prior to the application of coating, it is very important to study the failure pattern and consider other product for repair treatment.